Rich’s Guide to 20.4

By Rich Deschamps | In WOD | on October 31, 2019

Twenty point four looks like a very fun workout and one I am super excited to do. We have some new movements that we have never seen before in the Open. This is a chipper style workout with a twenty-minute time cap. Likely, we will all face a barbell that is very heavy for us and may even stop us from finishing the workout.

Every single clean and jerk should be a single, except for potentially the ladies first weight because of how much it will bounce around on us. In that case, stick to very small and manageable sets. We want to power clean and power jerk for as long as possible. If we know we will need to eventually squat clean or split jerk at a certain weight, start preparing for it early by squat cleaning only your first clean at each new weight, and then split jerking your last jerk at each new weight. If you think you will need a belt for some of the heavier weight, and are used to using one, have it nearby and ready to go.

For the box jumps, we can step-up and down; this is a great option for a lot of us. Stepping up and down isn’t that much slower than jumping and keeps our heart rate down. If you need to rest during the box jumps, think about resting on the top of the box. We can then still keep the eccentric momentum of coming back down to help us get back onto the box for the next rep. Same idea for those of us doing the med ball step-ups.

A few movement notes for the step-ups:

  • We cannot use our hands to push off our knees.
  • We cannot step-up on the corner of the box.
  • The med-ball cannot touch our knees.

This is a long workout, start slow and keep working. As I mentioned before, we will all likely face a very heavy barbell that will slow us down. We want to get to that heavy barbell with our heart rate as low as possible. Thinking about saving time by going fast at the beginning is not a good strategy; we end up wasting more time having to rest and recover at the end. Pick an easy pace and keep on moving.

Remember to wear your costumes tomorrow for the workout and let’s see some AM-ers out at Friday Night Lights!


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