Rich’s Guide to 19.4

By Rich Deschamps | In WOD | on March 14, 2019

Fear the build in rest.

This workout is a sprint, rest three minutes, and then a second sprint (if we are proficient in the muscle-up). If we are not proficient in the bar muscle-up or scaled pull-up option that we are choosing to do the second part of this workout will become much slower.

The first couplet of barbell power snatches and burpees should be a fast effort for us. We want to move the barbell efficiently in big sets. Think about going 10 unbroken every round, or 5 and 5. The burpees should be fast but an efficient effort. We don’t want to have any wasted energy on these. An extra step or two on every rep quickly adds a lot of time. Fall into a rhythm and stick with it. This year we are allowed to step in and out of our burpee, we can use this strategically to control our pace and ultimately our breath.

We want to get through the first three rounds as fast as possible. We do a lot of interval work that is similar to this in our training so don’t worry, you will be able to bring your heart rate and your breathing back under control in those three minutes.

The bar muscle-up or pull-up is the big separator for athletes here. Like the strict handstand push-ups last week, we need to break these up properly so that we don’t fail any reps. Singles again this week can be a viable strategy. If and when we get to the burpees we want to move with control. Especially if the muscle-ups or pull-ups are challenging for us, the burpees give us an opportunity to rest and recovery a little bit. This doesn’t mean move slow. It means move efficiently and effectively to get through them as quickly as possible while preparing for more pull-up bar work.

This workout may seem complex, but it is really quite simple. The majority of the reps are burpees so it is important that we practice how we are going to pace and move through these. Burpees should be like running, we have different paces for them that allow us to keep moving. Even if we need to slow down a lot, we should be able to fall into a rhythm where we can keep working. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

This is the second last week of the Open and I hope to see you tomorrow night!

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