Rich’s Guide to 19.3

By Rich Deschamps | In WOD | on March 7, 2019

19.3 is unlike any open workout we have ever seen which makes it fun! We have two new movements that have never come up in the open before, strict handstand push-ups and DB box step-ups. Knowing that the handstand push-ups is where most if not all of us will get stuck, we need to approach the front half of the workout appropriately, so we are able to perform a very challenging movement.

We start with a 200 ft overhead walking lunge for our Rx and Intermediate divisions, and front rack for scaled. For both options we want to switch the DB from one side to the other quite frequently, I would suggest every 25ft. The lunges will be broken up into 25 ft sections before you must turn around. Every time you reach the end of your lane and need to turn around, switch sides with the DB. We have done suitcase carries (carrying a KB in one hand) before, so we should all have a good idea of what this will feel like. We want to switch often to avoid fatiguing one arm or side more than the other. Fall into a nice rhythm with the lunges and focus on your breath.

The box step-ups should be approached the very same way. Switch sides with the DB often and fall into a rhythm. These first two movements are simply there to fatigue us and cause a disruption. Not to say we should take them lightly. 200 ft of lunging is a lot, and so is 50 box step-ups.

The strict handstand push-up has been an inevitable progression in the open after all the controversy the kipping handstand push-up has presented in the past. As I said before, this is where all our workouts will come to a slow grind. If we have strict handstand push-ups, awesome! Take them in very small sets. Don’t be afraid to go to single repetitions right away. In fact, I would suggest all of us do. If we go to a place of failure on the strict handstand push-ups, we likely will not be able to recover and will lose a lot of time. Single strict handstand push-ups can be fast if we move with purpose and efficiency.

The scaled option is also a new movement this year. The athlete will set up a 5-inch block made of plates and an ab-mat to be placed under their head. This makes the range of motion for the repetition shorter and therefore easier to complete. We will also allow members to perform hand release push-ups as an option as well.

As always, start a little slower than you think. 200 ft of lunging will take a minimum of 2-3 minutes. The DB box step-ups will also take 2-3 minutes. We will be past halfway through the workout before we get to the handstand push-ups. We want to arrive there in a condition that will allow us to get some good repetitions in.

Have fun and I will see you at Friday Night Lights!

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