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By Rich Deschamps | In Meet Our Athletes, WOD | on November 18, 2018

Scott MacLeod pulled up to Undefeated CrossFit, turned off his car, and sat there for twenty minutes trying to convince himself to walk in and attend his first fundamentals class. Scott loved challenging himself with his workout routines, always switching from bootcamp to bootcamp in search of something better. He had heard about CrossFit in 2014 and spent weeks putting off actually attending. As he sat in his car contemplating what he would do, he almost convinced himself to leave but didn’t.


“I borderline didn’t walk in the door… what a different life I would’ve had,” are Scott’s words four years after starting at Undefeated CrossFit. Scott was looking for a workout routine that would allow him to build strength as well as increase his conditioning. During fundamentals there is usually a big learning curve as you are introduced to all the different movements involved with CrossFit. For Scott, this was very enticing; there are so many movements to learn and master that there is always a new challenge. Seeing others perform complex gymnastics movements made him want to be able to do them as well. After four years and a lot of hard work, Scott can now complete almost every workout as prescribed.


CrossFit gyms often get labeled as being “cult like,” but Scott sees this as a compliment. What he loves the most about Crossfit and Undefeated is being a part of a tight-knit and encouraging community. Because of the closeness of the members, there is no judgement; the workout of the day is a common denominator that brings everyone together no matter what fitness level you are at. “I don’t feel like I am ever alone when I come to Undefeated.” Scott frequents the 3:30pm class where him and good friends Tristan Penner and Kennedy Krakalovich are always heated in friendly competition. This competitive atmosphere has led to tremendous increases in each of their abilities inside of the gym. Where Scott was once the one seeking advice on certain movements or how to approach workouts from others, members have now started asking him for tips. This creates a great sense of accomplishment and validates all the hard work that he has put in.


Scott is a father of two, a husband, and a business owner. Being quite the competitive person, Scott enjoys signing up and competing at many local CrossFit competitions with either Tristan or Kennedy. He loves that CrossFit is able to prepare him for the everyday aspects of life and feeds into his competitive side. Scott’s hobbies outside of the gym include curling, traveling, golfing, and cheering loudly at Jets games.

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