Jessika Ellement – Lead Athlete Relations

Coach - CrossFit

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CPR/First Aid Certified

jess_handstandComing from a history lifestyle-induced illness, Jessika has an empathetic understanding of how difficult and intimidating walking through the doors to your first workout can be. Knowing first hand how rewarding the next steps become with coaching and support, she revels in not only teaching others CrossFit movements, but also in how to apply CrossFit outside the box .

Since her first workout at Undefeated in 2012, Jessika was hooked. “I was overweight, depressed, on medication and getting worse. I had a young daughter and did not want her to go through the struggles that I faced. I had spent years searching for something that would not only challenge the body, but would also extend it’s lessons to everyday life. I was in desperate need of a lifestyle overhaul.” Serendipity brought Jessika to Undefeated. “Though it was the hardest I had ever pushed myself, I soon came to realize that the work I was doing inside the gym was directly transferring to my life outside the box. I could handle conflicts and job stress with the same strategy I would tackle 100 burpees. I learned that no task was insurmountable.” Since adopting the CrossFit lifestyle, Jessika no longer struggles with the ailments that once plagued her. With finding something this life altering, Jessika believes it is her duty to support others with their journey.

jess_coaching_021315Developing a firm belief that this is a sport for everyone at every age or ability, Jessika has inspired her family and many friends to take up the sport. She believes that CrossFit is equal parts physical and psychological, and is the key to living a long, functional and independent life. Jessika offers this advice, “There will be ups and downs. Expect that and settle in. You may never master CrossFit, but you can teach yourself to find comfort within the discomfort.”

Your life is in your hands. Mediocrity or excellence. You decide.