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Achieve results without giving up too much
Find out how you can make the food you like to eat work for the results you want.

— No Meal Plan. No Stress. —

It’s not restrictive. In fact, you will have so much freedom with your lifestyle,
you won’t even feel like you’re dieting.


 The Basics:

Weight loss? Increased Performance? Gain Muscle? Lifestyle & Performance Nutrition is an online nutrition coaching program designed to be as simple and unrestrictive as possible.  With this monthly subscription service, your coach will give you an individualized nutrition program designed to help you reach your goals.  They will give you the tools needed to make a lasting change, education, experience, coaching, support and confidence. The best part if you can enjoy the food you love.

Plan Details:

  • – meet with your coach one on one
  • – receive a welcoming e-mail and questionnaire
  • – submit answers, measurements, photos so we can create your individualized plan
  • – receive your program
  • – check-in every week with your coach
  • – keep in touch with your coach with any questions or concerns you have anytime
  • – follow the program and admire the results

Never counted Macros Before?

Your program will give you the rules and “how-to’s” of counting macros, alleviating any concerns and answering any initial questions. Although it may take some time to get used to, your coach is available 24/7 to help ensure a smooth and simple transition.

Why does it work?

• Flexibility – Although we tell you how many of each macronutrient to have, you decide how to fulfill them. No need to limit treats altogether, you choose what you eat.

• Fitness – This program doesn’t just stop at looks and body composition. It is also designed to give you the ability to build strength, stay energized and feel and move your absolute best.

• Accountability – Knowing that you have to check-in each week with your coach (including pictures!) may make you think twice about the choices you make.



The best part is, you can do this AND eat what you want. No boring food!




• Learn how you can easily get the body you want without giving up the food you love
Work with experienced nutrition coaches who will be with you every step of the way
Continue with Lifestyle Performance Nutrition  and lock in the early bird price forever!

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