Couch to CrossFit

Couch to CrossFit is a program for anyone and everyone! This program will provide a welcoming environment that reduces stress, deflates any CrossFit myths, is FUN, and sets you on a path for ongoing success. Anyone that joins will be more motivated, ready to take on any task, and will allow them to begin their journey to become stronger, faster, and healthier!

The Couch to CrossFit program will take place in house at Undefeated CrossFit or on site at your business facility. Sessions will start on a day that you and your group decide on and will be consecutive for the next 4 weeks. Each session you will learn about certain movements and why we do it and we will show you how to properly conduct these movements. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that these sessions WILL be FUN! Together we will warm-up, learn skills, movement concepts, exercises, basic conditioning, and basic mobility. Our motto is “We’re all in this together.” Each class we start together and each class we end together. If that seems too much for you, DO NOT WORRY, it’s not! Every movement and every workout will be adapted to your ability to ensure you get a great workout.

After all the knowledge bombs are dropped and we are done sweating, we will take time to cool down and stretch out. During this time we will distribute and introduce the weekly assignment, talk about recovery, and give you the opportunity to ask questions. Weekly Assignments? Yup, you read correctly, you will receive weekly tips, at home workouts and certain tasks. Once again, DO NOT WORRY! No papers are due, all we ask for is 15-20 minutes of your time, 3-4 times a week! Everything is working towards the goal of long-term success. Stick with this and you’ll be on the way to a better life.



Your life is in your hands. Mediocrity or excellence. You decide.