Unleashed – Competitive Training

Undefeated CrossFit is perhaps best known for producing competitive CrossFit athletes. Since our inception in 2011, we have consistently sent athletes to compete at the Regional level. We are also no strangers to the podium in countless local competitions. Competition is healthy and inspires athletes to be better than their best which is why we offer Unleashed, a CrossFit competition program at Undefeated.

Offered separately from regular CrossFit class, Unleashed – Competitive Training offers dedicated programming for those who want to take their CrossFit experience to the next level. The programming is centred around the CrossFit Open. This group is exclusive and you must meet a level of minimum requirements to join. The requirements ensure that the group maintains a level of intensity conducive to competition development.

2013 – Qualified Individual Male for Regionals competition
2014 – Qualified Individual Male and Team for Canada West Regionals competition
2015 – Qualified Individual Female, Male and Team for West Regionals competition
2016 – Qualified Team for West Regionals competition
2017 – Qualified Individual Male and Team for West Regionals competition


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