Client Stories

Our members love what we do for them.

“Just over year ago I was introduced to CrossFit, and fell in love almost immediately. Stuck working 4 nights a week and going to university full time made working out unappealing and a burden. After watching the crossfit games, and talking to my coaches at the time, I decided that competing was something that I needed and wanted to regain self-confidence and prove to myself that I could get back into shape. One month later I found myself competing at the Undefeated Grand Opening, Frostfit, and in the Open. The expectations I once had for myself for my new hobby were suddenly revamped and intensified. My new goal for 2015 is now to make it to Regionals! Something that at one point seemed unachievable.

After seeking guidance from Matt Winchar to help me out with some Olympic lifting, I realized that my strength had never been fully utilized. After several hours of drilling technique alone I began to notice how much easier these lifts were when I combined my strength, together, with my new-found knowledge. In just three short weeks of being an Undefeated member, I have PR’ed seven of my lifts by substantial weights, and I am not slowing down!

I felt as though I had gained a superpower. Sort of like Spiderman when he found out he could shoot webs from his wrists. He had the power all along just did not know how to use it, sort of like me. I thought that was a good analogy!

On that note, I would like to thank Matt for seeing the potential in me and making me believe that I can be a better athlete, even when I doubted myself. I would also like to thank the rest of the coaching staff and athletes of Undefeated for being so supportive! I can already tell this is going to be a great year!”

– Jessica Yakiwchuk

“Undefeated CrossFit gives me endless opportunity to learn and experience life through a new lens. It’s challenged everything I thought I knew about myself and my abilities. In the WOD, sweat pours off of your face. It burns your eyes, but you don’t quit. The clock silently ticks down. Ever aware of its presence, it compels your movements like your own heartbeat. In this place, time has new meaning. You fight for ever last rep. You push, drive, dig deeper than before. Your muscles are screaming, and in that moment, you know that you’re alive. It’s just you against yourself.  When it’s all over, and you can barely breathe, it’s then you realize; it was never you against yourself. It was you amidst yourself, harnessing all that you have to offer. Coming face to face with your self-percieved limits, and re-writing your self image. This is the potential that Undefeated CrossFit holds for you.
People have often asked me what I’ve gained from joining the Undefeated family. What I’ve gained is immeasurable. Confidence, strength, mobility, friendship, guidance, perspective, respect, and understanding to name a few. But, for me it’s what I’ve lost that is the most significant. These things include an unhealthy lifestyle, depression, anxiety, a skewed perception of what beauty really is. Inches and pounds seem miniscule  standing alongside the aforementioned. Somehow through all of this loss, I feel like I’m living up to my potential. What have you got to lose?”

– Jessika Ellement

“As a dancer, I have always been into physical activity and into trying new things. I originally decided to try crossfit in hope to get a quick beach bod for my annual trips. I have to admit I was intimidated walking into Undefeated for the first time and felt nervous as I watched everyone lifting and performing pull ups. Within the first few minutes people introduced themselves and were cheering me on during my first workout. After that I was hooked and a year later I am happier, fitter and more confident than I have ever been. My body has totally changed and I now know not to look at the numbers on the scale but to go by how you feel. Not only did I fall in love with the results but I also love the atmosphere at Undefeated.  You are quick to meet new friends.  The coaches are all so motivating and constantly push you to lift heavier and push in one more rep. All my friends constantly ask “how do you do you go to the gym so often?” and my response always is “I love crossfit and I just want to get stronger.” 

– Leanna Lohre

“I started crossfit a year ago and let’s just say that When I started I was weak. When It came to work outs I couldn’t even lift the 35# bar over my head more than a couple of times. Conditioning Work outs were hard and Olympic lifting was terrifying. My trainer got me to a place where I thought I wouldn’t embarrass myself at Undefeated. I shouldn’t have worried. The athletes and coaches are the most encouraging and supportive group of people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my life. The group of people I work out with challenge me to be better, fitter and stronger everyday; I can’t wait to finish my work day so I can go to crossfit. We start as a team, and we end as a team. There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a workout that leaves you flat on your back in a pool of sweat, and knowing that you gave it everything you had!
This is the place where I found the person I want to be. I had no idea what I was capable of and learnt to push the limits of my body and my fears.
Coach Matt once said “You don’t get what you want, you get what you work for”
Everyday I work for a better me.”

– Dan Peri

“I’ve been able to accomplish more in the gym at Undefeated in a month than half a year on my own.  Every workout is a challenge both mentally and physically, and I’m in better all around shape than I’ve ever been.  The crew of people are all super supportive and the energy in the gym is a completely positive experience.  I can’t say enough good things about it.”

-Johnny Picklyk

“The atmosphere, intensity, and constant variation of workouts at Undefeated CrossFit are like nothing you will ever see at an ordinary gym. It is a completely different approach to working out than anything I’ve experienced before. I was bored of the same old routine at the gym, looking for a challenge, and wanted to see better results. The competition against the clock, determination to set personal records, and support and motivation from others will help you push yourself to become stronger, healthier, and keep you wanting to come back for more.”

-Sean Skorbohach

” After my first workout at Undefeated CrossFit, I was hooked. Hooked not only on the well designed workouts that challenge you like no other, but also on the community-like environment and support I feel everyday at Undefeated. I have never been to a gym where the members were so welcoming of everyone. Even at your first workout, you’re being encouraged by strangers, who by the end feel more like close friends. I do CrossFit because it challenges me like no other workout or sport ever has. Although before some workouts I feel nervous, after each and every one I feel such pride in myself for having accomplished what had seemed impossible. If at anytime I doubt myself or my abilities, Matt and the other CrossFitters are always there to encourage me along and get me through one more rep. Matt’s extensive knowledge and experience make him an excellent coach and he has the best interest of all of his clients in mind and truly wants them succeed. I feel the best and fittest I ever have, and I owe it all to Matt and Undefeated CrossFit.”

-Clare Wowryk

“I’ve been somewhat of a regular in your average gym for the the past 5 or 6 years. I definitely didn’t hate it, but by no means would I say I really enjoyed it either. Routines became boring, and I felt like my strength and physique would just plateau so easily. Then about a month and a half ago I was introduced to Matt Winchar (coach/owner) and the Undefeated CrossFit gym, and my whole mindset on fitness changed drastically. Going to the gym became something I looked forward to in my day rather then being a chore. Matt’s knowledge and attitude towards overall fitness are unmatched in my opinion, and the fact that crossfit training is done in a group atmosphere makes it that much more FUN. That may be hard to believe, but trust me, training in this gym is fun each and everyday I go.  Ego’s are left at the door and you get the feeling that everyone is in it together. CrossFit is also not just for the elite athlete. I’ve trained with people who have years of experience as well as people who have never stepped in a gym in their life, and everything in between.  Each workout can be scaled to the individual which allows everyone in the gym to enjoy it. So if you re sick of your regular boring fitness routine, then come give CrossFit a try. You wont regret it. There is a reason that the fittest man and woman on earth are determined in the CrossFit games each and every year.”

-David Spurr

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