KKkMOwX-iTPe-TLFciTnAE0woTFD9TlcAgBlgn5KSNk,sLHqxs4120gyy8KMyV3-5vHo8KLnJpxmxMf-X-jtDBwUndefeated’s Bootcamp is everything you know about bootcamps, but better. Bootcamps are a dime a dozen and we’ve seen a lot of bad ones out there, which is why we decided to offer something better to those who are enthusiastic about fitness.

At Undefeated, we understand the importance of mechanics and movement. Our coaches study it. Our first goal is to ensure everyone participating in Bootcamp is moving safely, and effectively. Following that, we provide an intelligent, thought out workout program. The hardest work out isn’t always the best work out. For this reason, we not only focus on providing a challenging workout, but we also ensure each person gets a thorough warm-up including mobility and flexibility. Injuries = zero gains! We incorporate fun and unique exercises involving sleds, kettlebells, big ass tires, slam balls and YES you can drop our weights. It really is more fun at Undefeated.

Currently we run Bootcamp on Mondays, & Wednesdays at 8:30, and Fridays at 7:30 pm. Sign up is easy! Just visit our schedule via Front Desk. If you’re new, just click “sign up” and create a profile, then purchase the “bootcamp” membership through the online store. Once you have the membership, you’re free to sign up for any bootcamp class!


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